Making a shared contribution

Protecting company values in the long term is part of everyday business for Funk. Sustainability is not just something we consider when devising insurance solutions – it is deeply rooted in our culture. Learn more on this page about our commitment to the three sustainability criteria: environment, social and corporate governance.

The three facets of sustainability

Sustainability has always been part of Funk. Long-term thinking and action are an essential factor for our success, and keeping continuity in mind when making decisions is an important part of our strategy. Sustainability is inextricably linked to our family-run company – and is therefore also reflected in our mission and our brand values. But the extent of our commitment has still undergone radical transformation in recent years. In addition to future-oriented corporate governance, Funk's focus today is on other ESG criteria as well. ESG stands for environment, social and corporate governance, three aspects of sustainability that Funk takes into account in its entrepreneurial decisions. The topic of ESG comes to bear in different areas and projects. It is clear to us that sustainability is not a fixed destination, but rather an ongoing process. This is why all employees work together to continue to improve – to make the world a little bit greener, a little bit more socially responsible and a little bit fairer.